75 today!

Halas & Batchelor Cartoon Films was born 75 years ago today.

Hamilton and Big Ben

Before the take-off of Aardman in the 1990s, no company had done more for the British animation industry. The achievements and legacy of its founders, John Halas and Joy Batchelor are unrivalled. This blog is dedicated to celebrating their lives, their work, those who worked with them, and exists to bang the drum for all things H&B.

In the coming months you can expect see:

  • new perspectives on the history of the company
  • profiles of many of the people who worked there
  • photos and artwork of key films and their production
  • personal memories of the company
  • analysis and insight into particular films
  • recommendations of where to see their films today

Bringing this to you are Vivien Halas, the daughter of John and Joy who has done so much to safeguard and herald their legacy; and Jez Stewart, Curator of Animation at the BFI National Archive where much of the company's work is preserved.

If you worked at Halas & Batchelor, or wish to share your memories or insight into the their work on this sight then please do get in contact via our submission page - we would love to hear from you.

Thanks largely to the efforts of Vivien, a lot of information about the history of John, Joy and H&B is already available, so please check out our resources page to discover more.

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H&B at 75

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