A Welcome from Vivien

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This year marks the 75th anniversary since John Halas married Joy Batchelor and formed Halas & Batchelor.

After my father died in 1995 I gradually found myself responsible for a huge mountain of work, drawings, books, film cans, cels and memorabilia. I was reluctant to start as I was living in Paris and running my own design group as well as coping with a baby on my own, but as I started to sort out John’s estate it became clear that this was a job that had to be done.

The more involved I became in the task the more I was sucked in. There was a litigation over Animal Farm that ran for 4 years, there were impounded films to be repatriated, there had to be an inventory, a home for the collection to be found and film renovation to consider as well as the distribution to deal with….

20 years on I feel that I have in some way made some sense of it all and been able to pass on the task to others such as Jez whose blog this is.* So many people have helped me and we now have two books and three documentary films as well as most of the collection being catalogued in the BFI National Archive. Animal Farm is now on HD and Blue Ray, 18 of the best short films will follow and all that is just in the UK.

H&B shorts and Blu-ray Covers

Over the next year I will share some of the journey I have made in order to preserve and celebrate my parents heritage.

I hope you will join in with any memories or images of your own to create a real social and animation history that witnesses the past three quarters of a century.

VH 18 May 2015

* Not true - this blog is Halas & Batchelor's and therefore Vivien's. I am just here to correct some of her typos and make more of my own - like the fact that this initially read "Jez whose bog this is" which tickled me very much.