An apology, two excuses (one pretty lame), and an advert...

I am sorry that things have been quiet on the blog front recently (apology - check!)

The day job has involved a lot of writing in the past few weeks, some of which has spilled outside of hours so the blog has been a little neglected (excuse 1 - check!)

And - phew, it was a bit hot wasn't it? (lame excuse 2 - check!)

But on the bright side one of those writing jobs a little while back has now been published in that venerable film publication Sight & Sound, and it involves Halas & Batchelor.

Sight & Sound August 2015 cover

This months issue is an animation special featuring:

That last one sounds familiar... available in all good retailers, or via digital subscription (advert - check!)

I have tried to do something a little bit different there, and it would hopefully encourage the magazine to feature more stories from the wide world of animation if it sells well. More to come on the site very soon...


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