Pencil test

In 1959 Halas & Batchelor sought to break into television and make the first financially viable British produced animation series. The foundation of that approach was literally pencil thin. This is how their new breakthough was reported in the 12 September 1959 edition of "Television Mail" - a weekly industrial periodical for the commercial television sector. New Pencil Cuts Cartoon Costs With the arrival of the cellgraph pencil, which is specially manufactured by a leading pencil company in Britain in association with Halas and Batchelor, the largest company, producing animated films in Britain, a phenomenal reduction in the costs of »

We need to talk about Harold some more

Apologies for the long summer break1 Here is part 2 of my interview with Harold Whitaker. Make sure you have read part 1 first, otherwise we will jump right in. Harold (seated bottom left of frame) at Anson Dyer's studio - Dyer is the silver haired figure in the centre Sorry, I interrupted you. Well maybe we could go back before you started in the animation industry... That's going right back. ...what it something that you were particularly interested in, in terms of the cinema. Were you a big cinema goer? Oh well yes, I used to go when I »