Encounter With Moholy-Nagy

In 1980 John Halas wrote this memoir essay about his time in the Mühely - the Hungarian Bauhaus. Thanks to Vivien Halas for allowing us to reprint it here. All the stills are from the film A Memory of Moholy-Nagy that John produced in 1990. ‘MÜHELY’ founded in Budapest soon after the collapse of the 'BAUHAUS', was reputed to be at the time the only establishment which carried on the 'BAUHAUS' tradition. There are two possible translations of 'MÜHELY' into English. The first is "STUDIO'; the second 'WORKSHOP'. In the specific period, in the context of the function it fulfilled »

Halas & Batchelor at 40 - a Hungarian perspective

To mark the 40th anniversary of Halas & Batchelor in the early 80s, John and Joy co-produced a four part documentary series on the history of their company for Hungarian television. Understandably given its origins, one of the most valuable parts of the series is the insight into the early years of John's career in Hungary. The video below is an extract discussing this period, and begins with an interview with Sándor Bortnyik, an interesting Hungarian artist and designer who become involved in the Bauhaus in Weimar after moving there in 1922. As we learn in this clip, back in »