The Halas & Batchelor Short Film Collection - coming soon

At the end of the month Network Distribution will be releasing 18 of H&B's best shorts on DVD and Blu-ray. We will probably be banging on about this quite a lot in the coming month, but we will try and keep it interesting and give some background on some of the lesser known films on the release.

I was lucky enough to see a preview and wrote the following linked piece for Network's website with a bit of background about some of the films. It includes the phrase "it is a heady, psychedelic, mind trip into an alien headspace with a soundtrack from the robot gods" so it was probably quite late in the evening when I wrote it. Find out what I was talking about and more here:

You can preorder the DVD and Blu-ray on Amazon, or wherever else you like to shop. For some reason Amazon says that the Blu-ray stars Kevin "That other bloke on Morse" Whately, but I think Lewis fans are going to be disappointed.


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